“A safe place to be you.”

sam punn counselling

I’m Sam, and I warmly welcome you to my service, providing counselling and psychotherapy.

When life brings unexpected challenges and difficulties you may need to reach out for extra support. Even after those times have passed, you may feel it would be helpful to explore the impact they have had on you, safely and in confidence.

Perhaps you have a sense of being ‘stuck’ with painful feelings or emotions and would like to work through these with someone that is not in your friendship or family circles, so that you can find a sense of peace.

Whatever your reasons for considering therapy, I know how hard it can be to reach out for support and I am glad that you’ve taken this first step. Your experiences matter to me and the care and safety I offer you, taking time to understand your inner world, will enable us to make sense of them together. Counselling and psychotherapy with me will help you gain insight and build self-compassion so that you will feel able to make changes to your life and lead it in the way that you want to.

Contacting me is straightforward and does not commit you to working with me; you are welcome to book a free initial call where we can discuss what you are hoping to gain from counselling and if what I offer will suit you.

You can take that first step by calling me on: 07387330119,
Or emailing me at: enquiries@fernbankcounselling.co.uk