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Are you looking for counselling for trauma or the impacts of illness?

Throughout the past 20 years I’ve worked with clients of all ages, providing 1-1 support for a range of issues including trauma and the impacts of illness (including carers). As a therapist I can help you to better understand yourself, build self compassion and cope with the many challenges that life can bring including anxiety, loss, stress and bereavement.

I have particular experience and interest in the following areas:

Healing from trauma

If you experienced abuse, violence or trauma either as a child or in your adult life, then our work together can support you to understand and lessen its impact on you and your relationships now. Counselling for trauma, including PTSD and C-PTSD, can help reduce feelings such as anxiety, fear, guilt or shame. I will work with you, in ways that feel safe, to ensure you do not have to carry this burden alone any more.

Serious illness and its impacts

If you have a life limiting or terminal illness the impact of this on you may be considerable. I’ll provide space for you to explore what this means to you and the effect on your life and relationships. This can help you to adjust to your body and life as you move into a different future.

If you had caring responsibilities for other family members as a child or young person, we can work to understand how these have shaped you and what you now want from your adult life. Current caring responsibilities may mean you feel as though you’ve lost your sense of you. If that is the case, we can rebuild that, helping you to gain your own identity. Support for carers is also available here

Online counselling

I provide online counselling for trauma and the impacts of illness via a secure video platform. This enables you to access therapy in a place that feels safe and convenient for you. I believe that it is just as effective as therapy in person and that there are many additional advantages such as:

  • You are not restricted by location. You can choose the right therapist for you, rather than having to base your choice on them being geographically close.
  • Therapists who work online are often able to offer more flexibility in appointment times (early mornings or evenings for example).
  • Accessing therapy from your home means you can be comfortable in your own surroundings with no need to travel to a counsellor’s premises.
  • Physical disabilities or psychological difficulties are no barrier to you getting the support you need.
  • You may feel safer to talk and more at ease, when in your own home.

In-person counselling

This is offered from a comfortable first floor room in a town centre location in Abergavenny. We would initially meet online, before agreeing to meet and work in person.

There is plentiful parking nearby.


Sessions are available at the following prices:

  • 15 minute introductory call (by phone) – FREE
  • Initial appointment – £60
  • 50 minute weekly sessions – £60

If you have any financial concerns about therapy, I am open to discussing this. I hold a proportion of my practice for anyone struggling financially.

I kindly ask for payment to be made in advance of each session.

Cancellation and rescheduling policy

Clients would normally reserve the same session slot weekly.

I allow for up to 2 sessions to be cancelled by clients, free of charge, within any rolling 3 month period, to allow for holidays, illness etc. If you would like to reschedule within the same week as your booked session, this may be possible. Any additional missed sessions will incur a £25 cancellation fee.

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