Services and Fees

Throughout the past 20 years I’ve worked with clients of all ages, supporting them to cope with stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues and bereavement and have a particular interest and experience in the following areas:

Healing from trauma:

If you experienced abuse, violence or trauma either as a child or in your adult life, then I can support you to understand and lessen its impact on you and your relationships now. We’ll work together to help reduce feelings such as anxiety, fear, guilt or shame. I will work with you, in ways that feel safe, to ensure you do not have to carry this burden alone any more.

Serious illness and its impacts:

If you have a life limiting or terminal illness then you may need space to explore what this means to you and the impact on your life and relationships. I can help you to adjust to your body and life as you move into a different future. If you had caring responsibilities for other family members as a child or young person, we can work together to understand how these have shaped you and what you now want from your adult life. Where current caring responsibilities may mean you feel as though you’ve lost your sense of you, we can rebuild that, helping you to gain your own identity.

Online counselling:

I provide online counselling via a secure video platform, enabling you to access therapy in a place that feels safe and convenient for you. I believe that it is just as effective as therapy in person and that there are many additional advantages to accessing support in this way.

  • You are not restricted by location – you can choose the right therapist for you, rather than having to base your choice on them being geographically closest to you.
  • Therapists who work online are often able to offer more flexibility in appointment times (early mornings or evenings for example).
  • Accessing therapy from your home means you can be comfortable in your own surroundings with no need to travel to a counsellor’s premises.
  • Physical disabilities or psychological difficulties are no barrier to you getting the support you need.
  • You may feel safer to talk and more at ease, when in your own home.

Email counselling:

If you feel comfortable expressing yourself in writing, rather than face to face, or would like to have the opportunity to think and reflect before ‘saying’ something, then you might like to consider email counselling. This is not undertaken ‘live’ as video counselling would be. Instead, we would agree a number of interactions (usually 6 initially), and in each one you would explore your concerns in an email to me and in return my responses would reflect what I hear as the key points, ask gentle questions, clarify and give you things to think about. Many people say that this way of working has the benefit of allowing them to consider what is being discussed and reflect between responses.


Sessions are available at the following prices:
15 minute introductory call online / by phone – FREE
60 minute initial appointment – £30
50 minute weekly online sessions – £50
Email counselling – £30 per interaction

If you have any concerns about affordability of therapy, I am open to discussing this as I hold a proportion of my practice for anyone struggling financially.

I kindly ask for payment to be made in advance of each session.

Cancellation and rescheduling policy:

Clients would normally reserve the same session slot weekly.

I operate a 48hr cancellation and rescheduling policy, which means that I will not charge a cancellation fee if you give at least 48hrs notice of non-attendance of a session.

If you would like to reschedule, I will endeavour to find you an alternative session before the Sunday of that week, but if this is not possible, then payment already made will be transferred to your next booked session.

In the event of sudden emergencies or illness, I will consider cancellations on a case by case basis.