Helpful resources

Someone holding a phone and looking at a laptop as they search for help online It might not always be easy finding help, someone to talk to or working out where to go next; there are lots of options. Below, I’ve listed a few helpful resources: apps, websites, services and videos that I’m happy to recommend, either based on my own knowledge of how they work or because my clients have found them helpful.

If you need to talk to somebody

If you feel that your mental health is likely to cause you or somebody else, harm, then please contact 999 or (if it is safe for you to travel) go to your nearest A&E department.


Support for anyone in the UK, at any time. You don’t have to be suicidal – they’re there to listen and help, whatever the issue.

Call them (free from any phone) on 116 123.

No Panic

For anyone struggling with anxiety or OCD.

0300 772 9844.

Rape Crisis

For anyone who’s experienced rape, child sex abuse, sexual assault or harassment – no matter when it happened.

Call free on 0808 500 2222 or talk to them via an online chat.

Survivors UK

Offers a helpline and other services for boys and men who’ve experienced sexual abuse.

Available via online chat or by texting 020 3322 1860.


For men who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse.

Freephone 0808 801 0327 or email


Help and support for anyone affected by a parents’ drinking.

Call free on 0800 358 3456 or email

Carers UK

If you’re caring for a family member, this organisation is there to help you.

Call free on 0808 808 7777.


For anyone who’s struggling after a bereavement.

Call free on 0808 808 1677.

Apps to help you relax, journal or focus

There are so many mental health apps out there, but these are a few that I think are helpful.

Insight Timer: Great for meditations, breathwork and simple yoga practices.

Calm: One of the most well known and widely used apps for relaxation and meditation.

How We Feel: A journalling app to support you in tracking and understanding your emotions.

Presently: A simple way to start a daily gratitude practice.

The Tapping Solution: Guided EFT practices for everything from anxiety to stress to improved sleep.

Other helpful resources

A selection of sites packed full of interesting things to read, watch or listen to.


Articles, calming playlists, meditations and programmes from the BBC. Dive in and rummage!

Compassionate Mind Foundation

If you’re interested in mindfulness, meditation and developing your self-compassion, this is for you.

New Pathways

Booklets and podcasts specifically relating to sexual abuse and trauma, to help you learn more and begin your healing journey.


Resources to help you with your mental health

Calm ‘Breathe Bubble’

A visual aid to a soothing breathing rhythm.

Introduction to ‘tapping’

Nick Ortner, from The Tapping Solution app, chats with DJ Chris Evans about how tapping can help with anxiety and stress.

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